Apakah Anda Tahu Kapan Membiarkannya Berkendara?

There are many different categories of games available in the online casino world. Casino poker games are one of those types, and Let It Ride is known for being one of the more interesting games in that particular group. There are two major decisions you have to make in this game, and messing up on either of them can drastically decrease your chances of winning. We want to show you the right way to play this game by deciding when you should let it ride (actually make the bet) and which you should pull back.

Let’s start with the second decision when you have four cards. These are the easiest situations to handle. If you have any made hand that’s a pair of tens or better, then you will always keep your bet out there. Any flush draw (four cards to a flush) will also be good to go. Any open-ended straight draw will also be fine to let it ride. However, be warned that if you don’t have at least one card in your hand that’s ten or higher than your bet will be break even instead of being profitable. With any high cards of ten or higher, it’s profitable in and of itself.

When you take a step back and look at situations with just three cards, then you have to be more careful because there are fewer situations where you should let it ride. If you have a hand that’s already a pair of tens or better, then you should obviously keep the bet out there. However, any three to a royal flush is also a good hand to play with. If you have three consecutive suited cards that are all three or higher, then that will also work.

For every gap in a three-card, straight-flush draw, you’ll need one high card of ten or better to justify playing it. So if you have T97 of spades, that plays because your ten makes up for the gap. JT7 is also good since there are two gaps with two high cards. However, the T86 would not work since there’s only one high card with two gaps, and neither would the J87 for the same reasons.