About Gary Clarke

Biography: I was born in Tasmania in 1953, married with two children, who have grown up and left home. Leaving Helen and I at home back in the city of Launceston.
Studied art: Studied at Launceston Matriculation and Art Colleges, receiving distinctions at both. Gary began work with an apprenticeship as a textile designer with Universal Textiles, in Hobart, Tasmania. 
His apprenticeship was served under Rudy Jenny from the “Bauhaus School of Design” Germany. Proficient with water colours, oils, pen and pencil, printing, fabric painting and embroidery.
Other employment: Display and media manager, interior designer Launceston, manager of an art store Melbourne, Manager of an embroidery store Launceston, Pastor of an AOG church in Melbourne.
Publications: Written six books on embroidery and textile art, “Embroidery and Candlewicking” “Cats Inspiration for Needlework” “Bouquet Bows and Bugs” “Simply Flowers” Candlewicking and Beyond” “Embroidery Illusions” all selling world wide. Co-written three books on embroidery, selling world wide. Written for numerous embroidery magazines.
Teaching and Lecturing: Teaching and Lecturing in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and England.
Designing: Designing for two mail order companies, Australia and America. Designed for machine embroidery America.
Kit design: Design and production of embroidery kits for the Australian and international markets.


Gary ClarkeOriginally a designer I am now known as much for dexterity with the needle. Being a male in a female dominated world has been a great advantage. The stereotype being broken enables one to look freshly at the subject without rules. The line of design and colour are different from a male perspective, evident from the work of such male designers as William Morris and McIntosh. I believe that embroidery is a legitimate form of art and is much underrated, and that the medium of needle and thread has endless possibilities for the artist. Embroidery is seasoning to the eyes, adding colour, tone, and texture to plain base fabrics. An ancient art with a colourful history. Exodus 38 tells us of a man Oholiab, “an artisan, designer, and embroiderer in blue, purple, and scarlet fabrics and fine linens”, it re-invents its self, changes from nation to nation, from century to century. Embroidery can serve to embellish the practical or stand on its own merit as piece of art for the viewers enjoyment.

Today we live in a world that likes things instant, this includes both church and art. We tend to take an over view of both, looking only at the surface and not at the journey. God has a great passion for humanity, and shows a creativity that did not stop with the creation of the earth but a work that is active in us all.
God believes in evolution, it is His desire that we evolve from being self creative to creating the potential in others, this may not be an instant thing but it should be our desire, focus, inspiration, motivation.